Split-Fire 3407

The Split-Fire 3407 is a robust machine. It comes standard with a cross blade and a 2-way blade. This allows you to split logs into either 4 or 2 pieces. Because of the double action it also cleaves the recoil allowing you to work even more effectively. The Split-Fire shovel/shovel loader models are easy to build on different brands and types of shovels. We also supply the right attachments for this.

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Are you looking for the ideal balance between sheer power and streamlined efficiency? Then buying the Split-Fire 3407 wood splitter is exactly what you need. The Split-Fire 3407 embodies Canadian excellence and delivers unmatched splitting power. It is a professional splitter designed for the most demanding tasks without compromising on ease of use.

With its unique double action, this log splitter cleaves not only on the outward stroke, but also on the return stroke. This ensures that every movement counts, resulting in increased efficiency. Whether you choose the standard cross blade for splitting in 4 pieces or the 2-way blade for 2 pieces, the 3407 guarantees fast and effortless splitting. This positions it as an indispensable fast splitter for any professional or individual looking for the best results.

Its user-friendly design is another reason why the Split-Fire 3407 is so popular among users. In addition to its power and efficiency, this machine also offers simple and very safe operation. Even if you are considering buying a log splitter for the first time, you will find that the 3407 does not intimidate you, but rather invites you to use it.

Are you planning to use the machine in combination with shovels or skid steer loaders? No worries! The Split-Fire 3407 is designed to fit seamlessly with various makes and types. And for the perfect match, we supply the right attachments to ensure a smooth and efficient integration. In short, when it comes to buying a log splitter that is both powerful and efficient, the Split-Fire 3407 is your ultimate choice. What are you waiting for? Your wood deserves the best treatment, and that’s exactly what the 3407 has to offer.

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Kloofkracht (ton)


Capaciteit (cm)


Hydrauliek volume nodig (l/min)

15 – 45



Kloofsnelheid (sec.)

9-45 l/m, 14-30 l/m, 28/15 l/m

Verwisselbaar recht-/ kruismes




Klooflengte (cm)


Reservoir (ltr)


Hydraulische lift


Frame (cm)

15.2 – 15.2


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