Split-Fire 4403

The Split-Fire 4403 is made to increase production even more. This is due to changing from a 2-way blade to a cross blade. The special construction makes them indestructible and suitable for continuous use.

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4.400,00 excl. btw


When it comes to wood splitting, the Split-Fire 4403 is in a class of its own. For those who want the best in woodworking, this machine offers everything you could want. If you are considering buying a wood splitter, it is essential to choose a model that is not only powerful, but also reliable and efficient. And that is exactly what the Split-Fire 4403 offers you. Originating from Canada, this model is synonymous with top quality. You will be amazed at the unmatched splitting power this log splitter delivers.

Whether you need to split thick, unruly logs or softer wood, the Split-Fire 4403 meets the challenge with unprecedented efficiency. What really sets this log splitter apart is its unique dual operation. Its innovative design allows the 4403 to split in both directions, resulting in unprecedented speed and productivity. This makes your work not only easier, but also much faster to complete. Changing between a 2-way blade and a cross blade is effortless and increases the versatility of this high speed splitter.

But what makes the Split-Fire 4403 truly unbeatable is its rugged construction. Designed for continuous use, this professional splitter will last a lifetime thanks to its durable construction.

The user-friendly design ensures easy and very safe operation, even for those new to wood splitting. Every detail, from the handles to the safety features, has been carefully considered to give you the best possible experience. In conclusion, for those looking to purchase a wood splitter that is both powerful and durable, the Split-Fire 4403 is at the top of the list.

Your investment in this top-of-the-line log splitter will pay off time and time again in efficiency, quality and reliability.

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Kloofkracht (ton)


Capaciteit (cm)


Hydrauliek volume nodig (l/min)

30 – 75



Kloofsnelheid (sec.)

9-75 l/m, 15 -45 l/m, 23-30 l/m

Verwisselbaar recht-/ kruismes




Klooflengte (cm)


Reservoir (ltr)


Frame (cm)

17.8 – 17.8

Hydraulische lift


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