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I have been cleaving with the same Split-Fire for 16 years, cleaving many hundreds of cubic meters of firewood without any problems. The double action provides many benefits especially considering how fast it works.



The Split-Fire 3203 meets our requirements perfectly, reliable, strong and efficient. Because the machine cleaves 2 sides, we can work very productively.

In short, a lot of work in little time. Fine machine.



Split-Fire 3255, fast traffic, easy operation fast operation and powerful.

The advantages of buying a wood splitter

What is a log splitter?

A log splitter, also known as a wood splitter, is a device used to split logs into smaller and more manageable pieces of wood. It uses a powerful motor and a splitting cross to split the wood. This makes splitting wood a lot easier and takes less time and energy than if you had to do it manually.

Safety measures when using a log splitter

Although wood splitters are designed with safety in mind, it is still important to take the necessary precautions. Always wear protective clothing, such as gloves and safety glasses. Also, make sure the machine is placed on a solid surface so the splitter is stable.

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