Wood splitter

Why waste any more time and energy manually splitting wood? With a wood splitter, you save valuable time and reduce the risk of injury. It is an indispensable tool for anyone working with wood. Invest in a high-quality wood splitter at Split Fire today. Check out our range of products!

Canadian premium quality

Unique dual action

Efficient wood splitting

User friendly design

What our customers think of our products



I have been cleaving with the same Split-Fire for 16 years, cleaving many hundreds of cubic meters of firewood without any problems. The double action provides many benefits especially considering how fast it works.



The Split-Fire 3203 meets our requirements perfectly, reliable, strong and efficient. Because the machine cleaves 2 sides, we can work very productively.

In short, a lot of work in little time. Fine machine.



Split-Fire 3255, fast traffic, easy operation fast operation and powerful.

A log splitter: what is it?

A log splitter, also known as a log splitter, is a machine designed to split logs. A log splitter uses powerful hydraulics, a motor or a manually driven mechanism to split the wood. A wood splitter allows you to quickly and efficiently split large logs into smaller pieces.

Different types of wood splitters

There are different types of log splitters available, each with its own features and applications. At Split Fire, we sell the following log splitters:

Tips on how to use a log splitter

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