Log splitter

Want to split wood effortlessly and increase your wood supply in no time? If so, definitely consider purchasing a log splitter! Say goodbye to heavy and time-consuming work with an axe. With a log splitter, you get firewood of any log thickness quickly and efficiently. Invest in a log splitter at Split Fire today!

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I have been cleaving with the same Split-Fire for 16 years, cleaving many hundreds of cubic meters of firewood without any problems. The double action provides many benefits especially considering how fast it works.



The Split-Fire 3203 meets our requirements perfectly, reliable, strong and efficient. Because the machine cleaves 2 sides, we can work very productively.

In short, a lot of work in little time. Fine machine.



Split-Fire 3255, fast traffic, easy operation fast operation and powerful.

Advantages of using a log splitter

Using a log splitter offers several advantages over manual splitting. Some of the main advantages are:

What is a log splitter?

A log splitter, also known as a timber splitter or wood splitter, is a machine used to split logs or wood. It is a good alternative to manually splitting wood with an axe, which can be physically demanding work. A log splitter uses different mechanisms to split the wood, making the process faster and more efficient.

How does a wood splitter work?

Our log splitters all operate using powerful mechanical or hydraulic systems to split the wood and facilitate the process for wood processing tasks. A three point log splitter is driven by a tractor with a three point hitch. The machine is attached to the rear of the tractor. The log is placed against the splitting knife, then the knife forcefully splits the log in two. In a self-propelled log splitter, the log is placed on the splitting table and the splitting knife is driven by the hydraulic system. The blade applies pressure to the log and splits it. The shovel log splitter is mounted on the loading shovel of a wheel loader or excavator. The log is placed on the splitting table, then the hydraulic splitting knife is driven through the wood to split it.

Common questions about a log splitter

Can I use a log splitter for materials other than wood?
No, it is strongly discouraged to use a wood beater for materials other than wood because it can be dangerous and damage the machine.

Are there specific safety guidelines for using a log splitter?
Yes, it is important to wear protective clothing such as gloves and goggles. In addition, choosing an appropriate workplace is also important. Apply proper techniques to avoid injury.

What should I do if my log splitter crashes?
Turn off the machine and follow the instructions in the manual to solve the problem or contact the manufacturer for support.

Can I repair a wood splitter myself?
For major repairs, hiring a professional is recommended. However, minor maintenance and repairs can often be done yourself with the help of the manual.

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