Split-Fire 2265

The Split-Fire 2265 log splitter is great for private and/or professional use. The blade of the 2265 has a high speed. In addition, it is enormously powerful so you can work a lot of wood in a short time. The machine is equipped with a Honda GX200 gasoline engine. Note: this machine is not suitable for public roads! With a blade speed of 6-8 sec, the 2265 is one of the fastest log splitters on the market.

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Looking for the ideal log splitter? If you are considering buying a log splitter, the Split-Fire 2265 is your perfect match. Manufactured with premium Canadian quality, this log splitter guarantees unmatched splitting power. Specially designed for both private and professional use, this wood splitter fits perfectly within any woodworking project. The unique feature of the Split-Fire 2265 is its dual operation. This high-speed splitter splits with ease in both directions.

This not only makes for an efficient working method, but also saves a considerable amount of time. Just think of all the wood you can process in no time! Moreover, the machine impresses with a blade speed of 6-8 seconds, positioning the 2265 as one of the fastest log splitters on the market. The power behind this professional splitter?

A Honda GX200 gasoline engine. This reliable engine provides consistent and powerful operation every time. Safety and ease of use are two aspects central to the design of the Split-Fire 2265. Thanks to its user-friendly design, operation is both easy and safe, allowing even beginners to become familiar with the machine in no time. Please note that this machine is not suitable for public roads! But don’t let that stop you. The power, speed and efficiency of the Split-Fire 2265 make it an indispensable asset for any woodworking enthusiast.

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Honda gasoline engine GX200 6.5 hp

Kloofkracht (ton)


Capaciteit (cm)


Hydrauliek volume nodig (l/min)




Kloofsnelheid (sec.)


Verwisselbaar recht-/ kruismes




Klooflengte (cm)


Reservoir (ltr)


Frame (cm)

12.7 – 12.7

Hydraulische lift


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