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Are you getting tired of spending hours splitting logs with an axe? Do you want an efficient and time-saving solution for splitting wood? A log splitter is the perfect solution. You can effortlessly split large amounts of wood with a log splitter. Want to buy a log splitter? Then you have come to the right place at Split Fire. Check out our selection!

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I have been cleaving with the same Split-Fire for 16 years, cleaving many hundreds of cubic meters of firewood without any problems. The double action provides many benefits especially considering how fast it works.



The Split-Fire 3203 meets our requirements perfectly, reliable, strong and efficient. Because the machine cleaves 2 sides, we can work very productively.

In short, a lot of work in little time. Fine machine.



Split-Fire 3255, fast traffic, easy operation fast operation and powerful.

The advantages of a wood splitter

Whether you need small pieces of wood for the fireplace or want to split large logs, there is always a suitable log splitter to choose from. Invest in a log splitter today and experience the benefits for yourself!

Different types of wood splitters

When buying a wood splitting machine, it is important to know that there are different types of log splitters available. It is good to consider the different options and determine which model best suits your needs. We sell the following three models: three-point models, self-powered models and shovel/skid-steer loader models.

Driepunt houtkloofmachines worden aan de achterkant van een tractor bevestigd en gebruiken de trekkracht van de tractor om houtblokken te kloven. Zelf aangedreven houtkloofmachines hebben een eigen verbrandingsmotor (benzine of diesel). Shovel houtkloofmachines worden op de laadschop van een wiellader of graafmachine gemonteerd. Ze zijn krachtig en geschikt voor grootschalige houtverwerking.

Buying a wood splitter: what should you consider?

Want to buy a log splitter? Good choice! There are some important factors to consider when buying a timber splitter:

Want to buy wood splitter? Check out our product range! Still have questions? Then feel free to contact us!