Split-Fire 3265

The Split-Fire 3265 log splitter is a professional log splitter widely used in the rental sector. This machine is also ideal for commercial or private use. The 3265 is equipped with a Honda GX200 petrol engine. At any desired location to use with the gasoline engine. Note this type is not suitable for public roads. This 3265 is pictured with a fast traffic shaft, this is not included as standard. However, the log splitter can be expanded with a 90 km/h chassis. With this option, the machine can be transported on public roads.

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5.100,00 excl. btw

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Are you looking for a log splitter that delivers on the promise of quality, power and efficiency? Then the Split-Fire 3265 log splitter is your perfect choice. If you are considering buying a log splitter, this professional splitter is an investment worth every penny.

Born of Canadian premium quality, the 3265 stands out with unmatched splitting power. Whether you are a professional in the rental industry or just looking for a robust wood splitter for personal use, this machine delivers time after time. Power is provided by a Honda GX200 gasoline engine, giving you the flexibility to work in any location without relying on electricity. A unique feature is the dual operation that splits in both directions. This means efficient work, as each movement results in split wood. It is a truly fast splitter, getting your job done in no time.

Thanks to the 3265’s user-friendly design, you will experience how easy and safe operating such a powerful machine can be. Although the 3265 is shown with a high-speed axle, it is not included as standard. However, for those who need mobility, the log splitter can be expanded with a 90 km/h undercarriage. This makes it possible to transport the machine safely on public roads. In short, the Split-Fire 3265 is more than just a log splitter; it is a promise of efficiency, power and reliability. So if you are considering buying a log splitter, go for the best and choose Split-Fire.

Additional information


Honda gasoline engine GX200 6.5 hp

Kloofkracht (ton)


Capaciteit (cm)


Hydrauliek volume nodig (l/min)




Kloofsnelheid (sec.)

9 – 11

Verwisselbaar recht-/ kruismes




Klooflengte (cm)


Reservoir (ltr)


Frame (cm)

15.2 – 15.2

Hydraulische lift



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